Rock Exotica rockD Screw-Lock Black Carabiner C2S-B

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Super-strong D. Slightly angled gate for ergonomics and a wider gate opening. Rock Exotica has refined the carabiner far beyond the offerings of other manufacturers. Our carabiners offer features you cannot get anywhere else. Highest inward gate/sleeve strength to reduce risk of something levering against the sleeve and breaking it open. Widest variety of lockers – check out our Manual Lock. Best Autolocks – we use a pull-down & twist sleeve which is intuitive & easy to use. Once people try it they never go back. Widest gate opening – we use a slightly angled gate opening that is ergonomic & opens farther. Specialized swivel biners, lanyard pin models and more. Weight: 2.61 oz (73 g) Gate opening:.96” (24 mm) Certifications: CE, UIAA

  • Made in the USA
  • Breaking Strength Major axis: 29 kN / 6525 lbs
  • Breaking Strength Minor axis: 9 kN / 2025 lbs
  • Breaking Strength Open gate: 9 kN / 2025 lbs
  • Breaking Strength Inward against sleeve: 6 kN / 1350 lbs