Petzl Picchu Children's Climbing & Cycling Helmet

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The PICCHU helmet is designed for children who want to rock climb or cycle. It is very light and comfortable and constructed for durability. For night use, the PICCHU has a mount on the back of the helmet specially designed for attaching the SiGNAL red signalization light (included). Three pages of stickers, with one reflective page, are included so that the helmet can be personalized and made more visible. Not compatible with VIZION face shield. Chin strap position adjusts forward or backward and redesigned side-release chin strap buckle is positioned off to the side for comfort. 3-year manufacturer's guarantee.

  • Multi-usage, multi-standard helmet
  • Injection molded ABS shell is both lightweight and durable
  • Sheet of retro-reflective stickers allows the helmet to be personalized, while enhancing visibility
  • Side openings for ventilation
  • Adjustable chinstrap, nape height and headband for a comfortable fit