PANJI advent park harness

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The PANJI seat harness was created to accommodate the specific needs of adventure park managers. The tie-in point and equipment loop are designed for optimal compatibility with JOKO lanyards and TRAC pulleys. The new DoubleBack buckles and the easily accessible hems facilitate harness adjustment. Identification label allows management to organize equipment by group. Narrow webbing equipment loops allow easy attachment of the TRAC pulley. New DoubleBack buckle and accessible hems for easy adjustment Excellent webbing fit, with different internal / external colors for easy donning and verification Single tie-in point with protective tubing for excellent abrasion resistance Narrow webbing equipment loop for easy use with TRAC pulley Identification label for grouping Certification: CE EN 12277 type C Made in France Materials: nylon, polyester, steel, aluminum DoubleBack buckle: the fluidity of the new DoubleBack buckles and the accessible hems make it easy for the monitor to adjust a participant's harness

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